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  • Quietway 83

    Created by Luce // 1 thread

    LCN 22 upgrade not yet at consultation. I am unsure of the alignment after Eddystone Rd.

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  • Desirable route - Sydenham Hill to Wood Vale

    Created by Tom Chance // 1 thread

    Making it safe and convenient to travel from Sydenham Hill onto London Road and then onto Wood Vale would improve the link from this part of Sydenham / Crystal Palace into East Dulwich and onto the LCN 25 and 22 routes north.

    Currently one can either dismount at the bottom of the hill, cross Sydenham Hill and then London Road by foot and then take the off-road cycle lane onto Wood Vale; or one can cycle left onto London Road, cross two lanes of traffic, brake into the little cut and cross over the southbound traffic to get onto Wood Vale. The first route is slow and inconvenient, the second is dangerous.

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  • Bermondsey St rat run

    Created by Gerhard Weiss // 0 threads

    Bermondsey St is being used as a rat run not just along its length but also across at Tanner St. Through traffic should use the A100, Tooley St or Borough High St.
    Could be a good mode filter project

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