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  • Balfour Street Streetscape Improvement

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    Main cycling concerns:

    Installation of contraflow lane (and removal of parking where said lane is to be - currently contraflow is allowed, with no formal lane);
    Reduction of parking;
    Tightening up of jct. with Rodney Rd - as well as most of Balfour St. (reducing reckless driving);
    Additional cycle parking at corner of Victory Pl.


    Current shared contraflow 'bypass' at corner of John Maurice Cl. and Balfour St. seems to be gone, this meant cyclists didn't have to go head-on with oncoming traffic;
    Width for safe contraflow (this is also a bit of an issue due to parking; however Balfour St. is not very busy, so I have never had any conflicts myself)


    Southwark Council has plans to enhance the appearance and improve accessibility along Balfour Street between Rodney Road and Munton Road, and its junction with Rodney Road.

    Due to the ongoing regeneration of the local area, we would like to enhance the appearance of Balfour Street and its junction with Rodney Road by widening the footway to improve access for all users, creating a safer environment for cyclists, upgrading the public realm and increasing tree provisions, and improving safety for all road users at the Rodney Road junction.

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