Active Neighbourhoods in Greater Manchester - Qualitative insights into resident experiences across four case study interventions

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The research, funded by both the University of Salford and TfGM, explores resident experiences of active neighbourhoods in the Greater Manchester; places where people are prioritised over vehicles and part of a policy landscape seeking to connect place and mobility and to develop local neighbourhoods where people can enjoy walking and cycling with confidence. Through four case study interventions across Stockport, Salford, Manchester and Bury, this research demonstrates the potential of active neighbourhoods in their current form, but also highlights concerns regarding accessibility and inclusion, particularly in terms of walking infrastructures. A number of recommendations are made centralising inclusive design, communication and engagement, and monitoring and evaluation.

Whilst the research is based in Greater Manchester, the findings and recommendations are pertinent to both the implementation of active neighbourhoods/low traffic neighbourhoods, as well as active travel interventions more broadly.

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