Roadworks: Royal College Street - replacement of planters with kerbs

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Added by George Coulouris

Royal College Street works 8th July -16th August

The planters will be replaced by granite kerbs – affecting RCS south of Baynes Street.

The works will start on 8th July and are expected to be completed by 16th August 2019. During the works, northbound cyclists will be diverted to use the with-flow traffic lane whilst southbound cyclists will be diverted to use St Pancras Way.

  • the northbound side will be done first, starting at Crowndale Road
    • northbound cyclists will be diverted to ride in the road past the section under construction, e.g. during the first week, from Crowndale Road to Plender Street
  • the work on the southbound side will also start from Crowndale Road
    •  southbound cyclists will be diverted via Georgiana Street to St Pancras Way.

We will keep you informed here as to which segment of the cycle track is currently unavailable.


August 16th, 2019 17:00


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