TfL Consultation: Battersea Park Road and Havelock Terrace

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Transport for London (TfL) is working with interested parties - including cycling, road user and safety organisations - to review and improve cycling provision at junctions. As part of this work, we have developed proposals for further safety improvements at the junction of Battersea Park Road and Havelock Terrace. This follows the introduction of a new signalised pedestrian crossing and cyclist Advanced Stop Line at the junction in June 2012.

Why We Are Consulting
About the proposed changes:

Our review of the current junction layout showed that the two narrow general traffic lanes on Battersea Park Road southbound mean that cyclists are sometimes squeezed towards the kerb by motorists. It also identified conflict between cyclists and motorists merging across lanes when approaching the junction southbound from Battersea Park Road.

Our proposed improvements have been designed to address the above issues. They include:

A new central cycle lane to help cyclists turning right from Battersea Park Road into Prince of Wales Drive. This would mean two lanes of traffic on the southbound approach from Battersea Park Road instead of three. These proposals may mean a slight increase in journey times at busy periods.

One wider southbound general traffic lane on the Battersea Park Road exit instead of two narrow ones. This would reduce the likelihood of cyclists being squeezed against the kerb by motorists

A new traffic island at the junction of Prince of Wales Drive to segregate westbound cyclists and motorists

New sections of eastbound and westbound mandatory cycle lane on Prince of Wales Drive to provide more space for cyclists. The eastbound cycle lane would replace one of the general traffic lanes on the approach to the junction

Widening the existing mandatory cycle lane on Battersea Park Road (northbound) to provide more space for cyclists

Removing the existing yellow box marking from the junction, as the proposed new lane layout would mean it was no longer needed.
Please click here to see the attached map for further information on our proposals. We plan to start work in late December 2012.

How to comment on the proposals:

Please let us know your views completing the online consultation form below by 30 November 2012.

About the Better Junctions programme:

TfL is making it easier and safer for people to cycle in London. As part of this work, we’re meeting with a number of different organisations to review and improve junctions on the Barclays Cycle Superhighways and the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN). We’re planning a variety of improvements, ranging from initial upgrades at some locations, to more substantial and innovative redevelopment at others. Please see for more information.


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