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Residents and traders have told us that there are issues with fly tipping and market access on Walworth Place, near the junction with East Street.

Following the award of funding by Borough, Bankside & Walworth Community Council in 2018, we are proposing to carry out some highway improvements on the northern section of Walworth Place. Along with the relocation of the existing waste compactor to a nearby alterative location, the proposed changes will  improve the area by preventing fly tipping from taking place, as well as providing extra space for additional market stalls.

The plan below presents the proposed interventions to be introduced at Walworth Place, which will include:-

  1. The use of 6 lockable bollards that will prevent vehicles from parking or entering the Northern Section of Walworth Place during market hours, which will provide a safe area for market traders and pedestrians.
  2. Removal of existing permit holder only bays which will be replaced with one time restricted loading only bay.
  3. Footway refurbishment between East Street and Bronti Close.

We would appreciate your views on these proposals, and whether there are any additional approaches we could take.

Why We Are Consulting

We would be grateful if you could take the time to review the proposal attached below and let us know what you think using the online questionnaire by 15 April.

Your views are really important to help us make sure the final design meets the needs of the local community.


April 15th, 2019 17:00


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