This section lists issues - problems on the street network and related matters.

Issues always relate to some geographical location, whether very local or perhaps city-wide.

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Listed issues, most recent first, limited to the area of Southwark Cyclists:

  • Peckham Rye to Dulwich Quietway

    Created by Luce // 0 threads

    New QW in preconsultation phase - possible changes:

    * Raised table at jct/ of Friern and Goodrich Rd. ;
    * Sinusoidal humps completed all along Friern rd.;
    * 'Greening' of modal filters at Peckham Rye/ Friern & Upland/ Friern;
    * Potential for either a segregated bidirectional cycle lane from Etherow st. & across the junction of Barry rd. (helping cyclists to turn right down Woodwarde) or the signalisation of the junction of Etherow and Barry rd. (the former would require the relocation of the bus stand at the top of Barry rd.);
    * Tightening up of the jct. of Eynella and Woodewarde rd. (build out);
    * Build out of of western corner of Beauval rd./ Woodwarde rd. - potential for pocket park;
    * (Dependent on TFL modelling) removal of traffic islands on jct. of Lordship ln. and Barry rd./ Eyenella - de-cluttering of jct. - question of what turns are allowed and needed & the regulation of these.

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  • Peckham Rye proposed bus lane/removal of cycle lane

    Created by Elizabeth E. // 1 thread

    Proposal to introduce a peak-hours 3m bus lane on Peckham Rye near Nigel Road, replacing a short stretch of cycle lane. The cycle lane is currently used as illegal parking most of the time.

    Street view:,-0.0664318,3a,75y,177.46h,78.57t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1syTofb-0s32IQqaoeHGduOw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1

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  • Lambeth Oval and Princes Ward CLIP Consultation

    Created by Charlie Holland // 1 thread

    Council's investment consultation, primarily focused on spending development levy. May offer capacity for training young people to become cycle mechanics, improved walking and cycle routes, cycle parking on estates etc.

    From the Council pack (see link).

    What are your priorities for your streets, open spaces and places?

    The Council’s Local Data Platform brings together a wealth of facts and
    figures about the area, including areas of deprivation and need, and groups
    of residents more likely to be less well-off. We also take into account what
    projects are already planned or underway, together with residents’ views
    on priorities. Using this information, we have identified four priorities for
    investment ideas:
    • Youth opportunities, activities and facilities
    • Support for jobs, training and skills
    • Building stronger communities across the neighbourhood
    • More inclusive places where people live

    This report will be used by the council to inform investment decisions
    over the next three years.

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  • London Assembly Transport Committee Bus network design, safety

    London Assembly said:
    "Buses are the busiest form of public transport in London. The city has 675 bus routes, with around 9,000 buses in operation and over 19,000 bus stops. Approximately 2.5 billion bus passenger trips are made every year, around double the number made on London Underground.
    "TfL commissions private operators to run bus services in London, awarding seven-year contracts to operate bus routes. Although bus safety (in terms of casualty numbers) has improved over recent years, there was a spike in bus collision fatalities in 2015.
    "The London Assembly Transport Committee is investigating two aspects of bus services in London: Network Design and Safety."

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  • Left turns from bidirectional North-South CSH

    Created by Bruce Lynn // 1 thread

    Problem with bidirectional paths is making left turns across the traffic. For North-South Cycle Superhighway TfL proposed a small waiting area with protective island (see illustration from Consultation document). They built one island and found cars going wrong way round it, so removed the island. So left turns waiting bays now have only white paint (see photos at Very intimidating when traffic is heading towards you from the opposite motor traffic lane!
    I understand TfL is "working on a solution". But does anyone have ideas we could feed to TfL. Does anyone know of an example where an "offside" left turn has been well engineered?

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  • Canada Water Masterplan

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    "Since March 2014, there has been an on going community consultation process to look at the future of the Canada Water Masterplan area. This includes redevelopment of the SE16 Printworks Site (formerly known as Harmsworth Quays), the Surrey Quays Shopping Centre Site and most recently the Surrey Quays Leisure Park Site. British Land is working with Southwark Council to bring forward a mixed use development for the Canada Water Masterplan, as part of a new town centre for the area."

    It will be important to ensure that:

    1) The main street through the site is constructed according to Making Space for Cycling principles ( - currently the proposed road will have cyclists in the main carriageway, and the route is a through-route for cars rather than access-only.
    2) There is accessible cycle parking for all the new buildings
    3) The greenway through the site is direct and avoids conflict with pedestrians
    4) Any existing cycle routes are enhanced where possible

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  • Junction of A100 Tower Bridge Road and Tanner Street

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    TfL Overview
    In partnership with the London Borough of Southwark, we have developed proposals to improve the provision for cyclists and other road users around Tower Bridge Road/Tanner Street junction, and we would like to hear your views.

    What are we proposing?
    The proposals are part of the Central London Grid – a network of cycle routes in Zone 1. The route passes along Tanner Street, Southwark Council consulted on proposals on the rest of the route in autumn 2015, including proposals for the one-way operation of Tanner Street. Our proposals aim to improve safety and create more space for cyclists, and have been coordinated with Southwark Council’s designs.
    Our proposals also include changes to traffic and bus lanes, as well as new traffic restrictions and improved pedestrian crossings.

    The enclosed consultation drawing shows the proposals for this junction. The numbered descriptions below correspond with the numbered labels on the drawing.
    1 Carriageway to be widened by 0.5 metres to improve traffic flow. There will still be sufficient width maintained on the footway.
    2 Centre lines to be altered to provide two northbound general traffic lanes further back from the junction with Druid Street
    3 New one-way westbound on Tanner Street between Tower Bridge Road and Archie Street to create space for a segregated two-way cycle track
    4 New one-way eastbound on Tanner Street between Tower Bridge Road and Pope Street to allow for contraflow cycle provision
    5 Segregated bi- directional cycle track to allow cyclists to approach and exit the junction with substantially reduced risk of conflict with motor vehicles
    6 New segregated contraflow cycle track to parallel crossing to allow for safer approach for cyclists, and to decrease potential conflict between modes of traffic. This would require the relocation of a loading bay (see 9 and 10)
    7 New parallel cycle/pedestrian crossing to connect the cycle route on Tanner Street and allow cyclists to conveniently cross Tower Bridge Road separately from pedestrians
    8 Cycle stands to be relocated to allow for widened traffic lanes on the approach to the junction, and to prevent conflict between traffic modes
    9 Loading bay relocated from Tanner Street to Tower Bridge Road to create space for the contraflow cycle track (see 6). The same operating hours will apply
    10 New position of relocated loading bay from Tanner Street (see 9)
    11 Loading bay relocated 12m south to provide enough space for traffic to merge. Operating hours will remain the same.
    12 New bus lane (Hours of operation: Mon –Sat, 7am-10am, 4pm-7pm) to make journeys faster and more reliable for bus passengers. We would create space by moving the centre line on this section of Tower Bridge Road.

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  • Central London Cycling Grid Borough High Street/Newcomen Street junction

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    We are seeking your views on proposed changes to the junction of Borough High Street with Union Street and Newcomen Street. The proposals are part of the Central London Cycling Grid - a network of cycle routes in Zone 1.
    This junction forms part of the Blackfriars to Tower Bridge Road route. The London Borough of Southwark consulted on other parts of this route in October 2015 – further details can be found here:
    What are we proposing?
    Our proposals aim to improve safety for cyclists and accommodate the predicted increase in cyclists along this route. The design would provide a more direct route for eastbound cyclists by removing a long detour and allowing them to proceed along Newcomen Street. By altering the signal phasing of the junction, we would also enable cyclists on Borough High Street to turn onto the new route.
    Why are we proposing this?
    The Blackfriars to Tower Bridge Road Route will provide a safer and more pleasant journey through a section of the city that is already popular among commuters as well as recreational cyclists. Transport for London and Southwark Council have identified certain junctions and sections of the proposed route that could be modified to improve cycle accessibility as well as safety for all users of the road, including pedestrians.
    By closing a short section of Newcomen Street to motor vehicles and creating two-way access to the junction, we will remove a long detour from the cycle route. Changes to signal phasing at the junction, and modifications to existing street furniture, will create safer routes for cyclists without affecting pedestrian accessibility.
    At construction stage the junction would also be resurfaced. Proposals for this junction are:
    Union Street
    Existing contra-flow cycle lane retained for cyclists travelling westbound on Union Street. This would connect to Southwark Council’s proposals for Union Street.
    Existing advanced stop line extended to 5m with a cycle feeder lane. These extended facilities would provide cyclists with a larger waiting area in front of motor traffic, improving their visibility, and allowing them to safely move away at the traffic lights.
    Borough High Street
    Dedicated low-level cycle signals to inform cyclists of when to safely proceed across Borough High Street from Union Street and Newcomen Street.
    Pedestrian islands widened to improve pedestrian accessibility across Borough High Street.
    Cyclists permitted to turn left onto Union Street and Newcomen Street. This movement is currently banned and would remain banned for other vehicles. This allows cyclists on Borough High Street to join the route. The signal phasing would be altered to permit this movement. NOTE: All vehicles (including cyclists) would continue to be banned from turning right into Union Street or Newcomen Street.
    All-round pedestrian signal phase retained so that pedestrians can safely make all movements across the junction at the same time.
    Newcomen Street
    Section of Newcomen Street closed to motorised traffic. Bollards would be installed approximately 30m west of the junction to enforce road closure to motorised traffic except for emergency access. NOTE: Newcomen Street is a borough-owned road and this aspect of the scheme would be progressed by the London Borough of Southwark.
    Two-way cycling permitted on Newcomen Street allowing cyclists travelling eastbound to proceed directly from Union Street, and turn left from Borough High Street.
    Existing footways widened to improve pedestrian accessibility.
    We have carried out traffic modelling for this proposal. The results indicate that the proposed changes can be accommodated without undue delay to any road user.

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  • LCDS draft

    Created by charlie_lcc // 10 threads

    A section by section discussion list for recording comments on the current 2014 consultation draft of the London Cycle Design Standards - LCDS

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  • Tower Bridge road surface

    Created by londoncycler // 1 thread

    On the south (Southwark) side of the bridge just before the central section there is a very prominent ridge approximately one metre away from the kerb and running parallel to the bridge for some 30 metres. It is located exactly in the path of cyclists crossing the bridge who can be knocked off as they cross the ridge in either direction. In the dark and in the wet the ridge is very hard to see and cyclists may not see the ridge. The fault has been reported repeatedly in the course of more than 2 years to the local highway authority but no action has been taken. Can the highway authority explain why the ridge has not been removed?

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  • Vehicles parking in mandatory cycle lane

    Created by Simon Hewison // 0 threads

    On this stretch of CS7, there's mandatory cycle lanes, which motor vehicles aren't allowed in, but it seems that Southwark Council forgot to include double-yellow lines, or any segregation, just blue paint with a solid white line. This leaves cyclists swerving into the road to avoid multiple badly parked vehicles (often HGVs taking their lunch, and in many cases, unmarked police vehicles at the unmarked police office)

    Quick fix: Armadillos and/or double-yellow lines.

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  • Progressing the LCC 2014 election campaign 'asks'

    Created by George Coulouris // 7 threads

    This issue is intended to act a repository for material that can be used to back-up the LCC's 2014 Local Election Campaign 'Asks'. There are 6 'asks' that were finalised and agreed at the LCC's AGM on 19 October 2013:

    1. Safe routes to schools
    2. Areas without through motor traffic (AWTTs)
    3. Protected space on main roads/major junctions
    4. Safe cycle routes via parks and canals (Greenways)
    5. 20mph speed limits
    6. Liveable town centres

    so we'll have 6 threads under this Cyclescape issue where we can collect explanations, discussions and most importantly concrete illustrations of what is meant by each ask.

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  • Desirable route - Sydenham Hill to Wood Vale

    Created by Tom Chance // 1 thread

    Making it safe and convenient to travel from Sydenham Hill onto London Road and then onto Wood Vale would improve the link from this part of Sydenham / Crystal Palace into East Dulwich and onto the LCN 25 and 22 routes north.

    Currently one can either dismount at the bottom of the hill, cross Sydenham Hill and then London Road by foot and then take the off-road cycle lane onto Wood Vale; or one can cycle left onto London Road, cross two lanes of traffic, brake into the little cut and cross over the southbound traffic to get onto Wood Vale. The first route is slow and inconvenient, the second is dangerous.

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